20 September 2015

Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving Out

leere Wohnung
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When I was a kid I was excited to grow up. Being a grown-up meant freedom to me. The freedom to travel wherever I wanted to, to do anything without asking for permission and to finally live by myself. Moving out was supposed to be the highlight of my late teenage years and I was really looking forward to it since I wanted to study in a different city.
So, here I was, packing up my stuff in boxes, not really knowing how everything was going to turn out. These are the things I learned in the past year, and let me tell you: I moved three times and I am still not an expert, but if you are moving out soon, here is what you need to know:

Don't move in with strangers

When you move out for the first time you probably look for a flat-sharing community. It has quite a few advantages i.e. it's much more cheaper since you share all the bills and purchases for the flat (like a hover and other supplies). But one big negative point is, that you will move in with people you don't know. I made really bad experiences with it and I will definitely never move in with strangers again.
At the end of the day you need to live there for a couple of years and it's quite hard to make sure you all have the same ideals, ideas and beliefs.

You won't find your dream flat

In some cities it's even hard to find a flat, so start looking for one as early as possible. You shouldn't have high expectations. Since you are young and studying you can't afford a 90 sqm flat in the best area with the newest designer kitchen. Have a look online what's free to rent, look at a few flats and if your parents are happy to support you, talk to them as well. Your parents usually know better ;).

Rent is not the only thing you need to pay

Make a list of things you need to get for your new flat. Start with the basics like dishes, cutlery and work your way through the other important stuff like internet and even electricity. It is also really important to keep an eye on your finances. Get one of your cute, empty notebooks and make a list of your earnings (childcare/pocket money, part-time job, ...) and expenses (additional costs, costs of living like food, going out, ...). It will make life so much easier and you don't need to worry.
Stuff is so much more expensive when you have to buy it on your own!

Learn how to use the (right) screwdriver

I am really lucky that my dad is a beast when it comes to handicraft. He can basically do anything and he also has all the tools. So, because of that, I am used to helping him whenever he needed to fix or do something in the house. Not because I had to, but I am really interested in it and I actually love using the drill (can you believe this?!).  I am not a pro and I can still improve in my skills, but I think it's important to know how to use a screwdriver. You will feel so accomplished after building your own IKEA bedside table!

Ironing is the worst thing. EVER.

Living on your own is not all rainbows and butterflies. Besides studying and/or working you need to manage to do the household. And ironing. And it's hell, at least it's for me. So what I do is I usually to put Netflix on and iron all my clothes. You are distracted and it feels like the time goes by so much faster! And when you're done, it's such a relief and you can go back to the more fun stuff.

Have you moved out already? What are your tips? x


  1. i moved out last year and in the beginning it was quite hard to adjust to the costs that come with living on your own. food is just so expensive and i also had to learn that it takes time to make a flat a home.


  2. It is really hard to find a good house mate, even the people you know from the college/uni might end up being so different so yeah it is really hard to find decent people. I always struggled making the end of the month however you learn in time :)


  3. I've been out of home for about 10 years and (luckily) have never had to share with strangers, that is my worst nightmare! Not because it would be bad but just because I would hate to have a bad roomie.

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  4. I personally have never lived on my own, but I still think that these are great tips! I don't think I'd ever consider moving in with someone I don't know and ironing is the worst thing ever!! haha

  5. Such great tips, I haven't crossed that bridge yet but ironing is still the worst!


  6. Great tips on moving out, girlie. I moved out of my parents house a looooooong time ago and after that I moved 5 times more. These are very sensible and helpful pieces of advice. Haha, I also do my ironing while watching something :)
    xox Nadia

  7. Ach, meine Liebe, endlich finde ich mal wieder bisschen Zeit, um auf anderen Blogs zu stöbern und zu lesen :)
    Ich finde es sehr toll, dass du dir mal so ein Thema rausgesucht hast! Damals als ich die Schule verließ und zur Uni kam, ich hatte das Gefühl, ich werde knallhart ins kalte Wasser geschmissen. Im Nachhinein kann man sagen: Die Schule hat einen so Null-Komma-Null darauf vorbereitet.
    Es fängt schon bei der Bewerbung an und geht weiter bis hin zu dem Punkt ausziehen aus dem Elternhaus – auf eigenen Beinen stehen.
    Darum sind deine Tipps goldwert für Leute, die genau an diesem Punkt in ihrem Leben stehen!

    Meine Süße, ich wünsche dir schon einmal ein schönes Wochenende und fühl dich ganz lieb gedrückt ♥


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