15 September 2016

Glossybox – New Icon Edition

glossybox icon edition
source: Glossybox
Don't we all love trying out new products? But sometimes it can be so hard to decide what to buy. Wouldn't it be great if someone else makes the decision for you?
Glossybox is the perfect choice for your ultimate beauty experience. You can easily subscribe to their monthly beauty boxes and you'll receive five beauty products to try. Plus, it comes in a beautiful box and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Talking about nice packaging: This month, the German Glossybox-Team released the New Icon Edition. Three influencers designed their own Glossybox and filled it with their favorite products. You can choose between the boxes designed by blogger Anna Frost, model Stefanie Giesinger and blogger Leonie Hanne. Because these three beauties are so different, it is probably easier to choose between the different types of boxes. And aren't they just a feast for the eyes and great for every girls make up table?

source: Glossybox

Even though the three influencers differ in style and aesthetics, they still agree on one thing: the Secret Flush by Universal Beauty Cosmetics which is available in every single of the influencers boxes. And it is quite obvious why: The Secret Flush is a lip stain and cream blush 2-in-1-product – super handy for the perfect glow on the go! Thanks to it's creamy and light texture, it is perfect for the last warm summer days.

Making a woman happy within a second isn't that hard, is it?

11 September 2016

San Francisco, I Miss You

san francisco washington street

san francisco public transport

Golden Gate Bridge. Union Square. Pier 39. Fisherman's Wharf. – Probably the most mentioned places when talking about San Francisco. 
Two years ago, I did a road trip down the West Coast. San Francisco was the first stop and by far my favorite of all the other ones. Even though it had been a few very foggy days, I fell in love with this amazing, versatile and multicultural city.

san francisco china town

The main sights are definitely worth a visit but I also liked to stroll around the streets to discover much more than that. Chinatown, for example, is such a busy area: The pedestrian ways are narrow, full of tourists and for someone with anxiety probably not the perfect place. But when I passed one of the backstreets, I suddenly had the perfect view on Bay Bridge and the Ocean. This view was so calming and I just couldn't not take a photo of it.

Another highlight was the drive up the Twin Peaks in the evening. San Francisco is even prettier in the dark. It felt like time stood still for a moment. I still regret not taking my camera with me that night. On the other hand, looking back on that moment just supports my wish to go back to San Francisco.

Even though this city is certainly a hilly one, I didn't mind because of the view I had every time I made it to the top. Plus, I valued going downhill even more... Besides, it is definitely a great exercise! 

Have you ever been to San Francisco? x

san francisco california

san francisco view

08 September 2016

Fall Home Decor Inspiration

1. armchair // 2. plaid // 3. table // 4. candle // 5. lamp 

Fall is by far my favorite season and I can't wait to finally wear my sweaters and cuddle up in my bed with hot chocolate and watch Netflix. In order to get attuned for the cold and rainy season, I strolled around some lovely interior online shops to find five staple products.

What could be better than lighting a candle and to relax in a super cosy armchair with a plaid and a good book? I think that a calm setting is perfect to enjoy cold Fall days; especially after a long walk outside.

Colorwise I am into white, grey and turquoise at the moment. From time to time, I need something new and since buying completely new furniture is a bit expensive, I like to bring a bit of color through plaids, pillowcases and some bits and bobs like candles into my flat.

What are your favorite pieces for the new season? x
Maira Gall