28 August 2015

Five Things: Bag Essentials

Michael Kors Selma Blue

When it comes to bags I rather invest for one of good quality. One of my favorites is my Michael Kors Selma bag in navy blue and I completely adore it! I couldn't find it in stores so I ordered it online at Fashionette (which is a great online store with an amazing customer service!).
I find this bag really convenient especially in terms of its size. You can basically throw everything in it and because I can wear it on a daily basis it's just perfect. I am trying to be as organized as possible though and I'm proud to say that I'm getting better and better at it.
The content of it doesn't change often because I'm aware of what I actually need so I don't overpack, which is quite important for a woman, isn't it?

First of all I always have a little Make Up bag with me filled with little useful things I tend to lose in the depths of my bag like a hand sanitizer (which is important when you're traveling by tube quite often), a hand cream, a packet of tissues, a hair tie and bobby pins (you never know whenever they will come in handy).
Also an important thing in my bag: a spare pair of earphones, just in case I forget mine at home. I need music wherever I go. It makes even running errands much more enjoyable. Plus you can pretend to be in a music video when you're on the bus. (I know you're doing it as well!)
Having a portable charger with me has made my life so much easier and it was probably the best investment I made in my life. When I have a long day ahead of me it's a relief to have always enough battery in case of an emergency. Especially when you're traveling on your own during nighttime.
Another essential is my beloved Moleskine Calendar! I'm quite old-fashioned when it comes to writing down notes, appointments and that kind of stuff. I find it nicer to have something else in my hands instead of my phone all the time.
And last but not least, the probably most important thing: a snack! I sometimes take a piece of fruit with me like an apple (slap on the back for this one!) or I grab one of the Eat Natural fruit&nut bars. I am literally addicted to the blueberry and cashew one.

Bag Essentials

What are your must-haves to put in your bag?
Take care x


  1. I have a selma too! I do love the MK navy saffiano colour but I chose a selma in quilted black with the little zip at the front and it's lovely too. I love the size and the little clip inside for your keys- I use mine to clip a card holder because I don't have an actual key, it's so handy! :)

    1. oh, Lucy, this sounds amazing?! I will try the your trick out x

  2. I love your bag so much! I want to get a small makeup bag or pouch of some sort to carry around makeup because I always just chuck lipsticks and concealer at the bottom of my bag and try get lost down there for ages aha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. same here! a little bag can change so much x

  3. Die Michael Kors Tasche ist wirklich schön. In meiner Tasche sind meistens so die alltäglichen Dinge wie Schlüssel und Handy drin. Im Sommer nehme ich meistens auch noch meine Sonnenbrille mit & Labello darf bei mir auch nie fehlen :)

    Liebe Grüße :)

  4. ich hab immer die typischen sachen wie handy geld schlüssel taschentücher dabei ;)


  5. Taschentücher, Handy, Schlüssel, Geldbeutel, Desinfektionsmittel, Bürste, Haargummi, Terminplaner... Ich brauche immer so einiges bei mir. :) Ahh und eine Flasche Wasser.
    Liebst, Michelle von beautifulfairy


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