21 August 2016

Curing A Hangover: A Guide

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We all have been there. Waking up, totally confused with a bad headache and the feeling of wanting to die. Trying to figure out what the hell had happened last night and the promise to never drink alcohol ever again! Such a barefaced lie.

The older you get, the longer your body needs to recover from a badass night out. The reason for that? Quite easy to answer: Our liver produces less antioxidants as we age, which is essential for a good recovery.

Before starting with the little guide, I just wanted to add that alcohol is a toxin and consequently not healthy for your body. I'm neither trying to convince nor do I want to endorse drinking alcohol in a high amount. It is rather a go-to guide for someone who had just one too many drinks after a cheeky night out with friends. All in all it is best not to drink at all - of course! But: one glass of wine won't do any damage. It is even good for your heart (scientifically proven!).

Prevention is the key

It is super important not to drink on an empty stomach. As well as not to down every drink in one go. Take your time, add one or two glasses of water between you start your next drink. Besides, it is advisable not to mix too many drinks. I you want to drink beer, try not to mix it with wine and different shots. Your body will be overstrained to break down all the toxins, so don't exaggerate it.

What to do if prevention didn't work...?

The first thing to do after waking up is to drink as much water as you can. Alcohol is known for dehydrating your body - that's why you end up having a headache and dull skin. Make sure you leave a big glass of water next to your bed before you go out, so you don't even have to get up in the morning and can relax for a bit. 
Try to charge up your vitamin levels by eating a lot of fruits and veg throughout the day. Even if I just had two glasses of wine the night before, I try to start with a delicious smoothie in the morning and to eat a salad (e.g. with quinoa) for lunch. Three cups of green tea are essential for my daily routine.
Exercising is another important factor. You don't need to run 5 miles. Just go out, get some fresh air and you will feel so much better. 
End your day by relaxing with a hot bath, a mask to hydrate your skin and a reading a book. Or go through your drunk texts...

Have a good day x


  1. Prevention is always key but sometimes we make mistakes. Drinking a bunch of water as soon as possible is best thing you can do. Then eat a burrito. :]

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    1. haha a burrito is the answer to everything!

  2. nice advice. usually yes, water, coffee, a walk and a healthy breakfast make me brand new!

    xx from italy

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  3. I should bookmark this for next time I'm in Las Vegas!!


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  4. Hey . Interestingly Post and beautiful pictures . Too bad that you do not write in German . While I can read English , but write to me personally difficult missing . Hope you can read it anyway. ^^ . All the best

  5. Was für ein cooler Post und das Foto. Ich liebe es... Ich habe herzlich vor meinem Laptop gelacht. Vielen Dank dafür ;-) Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in die Woche.

  6. Ein toller und humorvoller Post, der mich echt zum Schmunzeln gebracht hat! Das Foto passt auch einfach perfekt!

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Such a lovely honest post!! Will keep these things in mine for when i'm of drinking age! <3

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  8. Wirklich toller Post!
    Hab den echt gerne gelesen :)

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