01 September 2015

The Round-Up: August 2015

Dear August,

you have truly been a roller coaster to me. A fast one, with quite a few loopings. You made me lose my mind - in a positive way and I feel blessed. Because of all this amazing people around me, who I can call my friends. Because I have the opportunity to live the life I want to, in the city I always adored. Even though I had to leave, I enjoyed every minute. In fact it was not a goodbye, and it never will be one. You can take the girl out of London, but you can't take London out of the girl.

I learned to calm down in stressful situations even with anxiety standing behind me. I learned, that you just need the right people in your life, who make things happen. Just for you, because they want to make you smile. I learned, that spending a day at the beach - far away from London's noise and crowded places - is sometimes all you need to clear your mind.

In the beginning I was scared of your arrival, but there was no going back. I was just too afraid of all the changes you brought with you. I'm glad I had to face my fears to overcome them, to be myself again. Everything will be alright in the end. It always will be.

It was nice having you, August. Thanks for dropping by and I will see you next year. x


  1. Richtig toll geschrieben!
    Manchmal braucht man wirklich nur die richtigen Leute um sich herum. Aber manchmal bin ich mir selbst die liebste Gesellschaft :D

  2. Sehr schön geschrieben und die Fotos gefallen mir auch sehr gut.
    Liebst Michelle von beautifulfairy

  3. Awwww, I am sure you will miss London! It's so amazing you were blessed to enjoy your time & your summer so much :)
    Where are you now? Are you back home?
    xox Nadia


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