04 September 2015

With Love From Brighton

brighton pier


brighton strand

I can't even count on my fingers how often I planned a trip to Brighton in the last two years and didn't actually go. A couple of weeks ago another of my plans seemed to be destined to fail. I was about to give up, but one of my best friends bought four train tickets and within 12 hours we were sitting on the train on our way to Brighton! It was a Saturday, the last hot summer day, the train was full and the air muggy, but I was so happy, I just couldn't stop smiling.
After our arrival we had a really nice lunch at the pub and headed then to the beach. I was excited like a child, walking down the street and seeing the sea in front of me. It was such a nice feeling and I already could feel the salty air on my skin.

brighton summer

We spend hours lying at the beach, talking, playing UNO (and teasing each other), and enjoying the sun. Before falling asleep we decided to get up and have a look around.
I have a soft spot for architecture and really liked the houses and hotels in Brighton. Even though it is really touristy and crowded there, it was so fun watching kids running around and trying to pop bubbles. Everyone seemed to be happy, in fact, Brighton seems to be a really happy place to live.
Another stop was (of course) the Brighton Pier. It was exactly how I imagined it: full of fun attractions and amazing doughnuts. We had a blast taking pictures with the different photo walls and just spending time with each other.
We ended our trip with a little walk around Brightons amazingly beautiful town centre and a super yummy dinner at one of my favourite pubs "Pitcher&Piano". By the way: You need to try the Taco Salad, it's the best!
And after a really long day (and especially tricky ride back) I fell asleep. Exhausted, with a lot of memories on my mind and a smile on my lips.

Have you ever been to Brighton? What are your fave spots? x

brighton pump room


  1. Wundervolle Eindrücke und das letzte Bild hat mich gerade total an Mr. Bean erinnert.
    Ich weiß nicht ob du die Serie kennst. Falls ja, ich glaube das ist die Stelle, wo er seine Badehose über die Hose gezogen hatte. Damit er die Badehose an bekommt, aber er sich nicht ganz ausziehen muss....
    Liebst Michelle von beautifulfairy

  2. I've gone to Brighton twice and seing those pictures have turned me nostalgic! I would love going there again!
    Have a good day xx


  3. Aw I love Brighton! Sounds like you had a lovely day, the weather looked like fab as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Such amazing photos <3 I've never been to Brighton
    Nati xx

  5. Your trip sounds amazing, hon! I am so glad you had such a lovely time!
    We only drove through Brighton so I haven't seen much of it. Will make sure to visit it sometime next year when it's bright & sunny at the sea coast :)
    xox Nadia

  6. Hört sich nach einem perfekten Ausflug an :) Und die Bilder dazu... Seufz... Jetzt will ich auch dahin, hihi :D
    Na, vielleicht komme ich noch eines Tages mal da vorbei und dann werde ich an dich denken, liebe Lynn ♥

    Hab noch eine schöne Woche und übrigens: Willkommen zurück in Deutschland Süße :*

    Ich knuddel dich,


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