11 October 2015

The Facial Cream I Absolutely Love

body shop vitamin e

vitamin e feuchtigkeitscreme

I like to try out new products, especially when they're just great. Today I want to show you my little helper when it comes to moisturizing my skin during the cold months.
The Body Shop is one of my favourite stores anyway and I can never walk passed without having a little stroll inside. I found the Vitamine E Intense Moisture Cream (£13/18€) around January this year when my skin was dull and screaming for hydration. After a chat with the helpful lady at TBS I decided to try out this cream and I am really happy about it!
The cream is really moist, that's why you don't need to use to much of it. As you can see, I still have half of it left and I use is almost everyday. In my opinion it's great value for money and worth every penny! Say hi to soft and hydrated skin even in winter time.

Whats your favourite facial cream? x

the body shop gesichtscreme


  1. The Body Shop has some fantastic products in their range. I've been using their body scrubs and also some of their handcreams. Personally I use a facial cream from Ren. Thanks so much for sharing x

    Caz | Style Lingua

  2. dein blog gefällt mir unheimlich gut, so dass ich nun deine neue Leserin bin :)
    schau doch gern auch einmal bei mr vorbei ..

    laura ♥

  3. Lovely post & review honey. I have seen this goodness and I do agree how amazing it feels on the skin :) Something we all need now - a little more TLC than usual. Really enjoyed this post. Hope you are doing great.
    xox Nadia


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