10 January 2016

"Dahlia Divin" by Givenchy

givenchy parfum

I already raved about this perfume before in my Christmas & Birthay Wishlist 2015 and it's finally mine (thanks to everyone who gave me a gift card haha). I was so obsessed with it after I received a tester and I've worn it every single day since.
It's the perfect fragrance for a night out, it smells fresh and - as its name already implies - just divine, plus it's long lasting as well. It reminds me of pure elegance, a perfect night out with my girl friends or a romantic candle light dinner.
It feels like, the longer you wear the perfume, the more it evolves its notes. It's a soft mix of floral scents paired with a sweet woody note. It's not overpowering at all, as far as you don't apply too much of it.
The flacon (30ml) is tall, relatively thin and rose-gold. It reflects the elegance of the scent itself perfectly and is just so pretty to look at. I definitely can't wait for the next special occasion to wear it.

What is your favourite fragrance? x

givenchy dahlia divin

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