16 February 2016

50 Shades Of Red

nagellack catrice rot

roter nagellack catrice

Every girl owns probably around 50 red nail polishes. And no, they don't look all the same. These 50 red nail polishes have completely different shades and look differently on. And no, we won't stop buying any more red polishes. At least I won't and this is the result of my last visit at my local drugstore. After deciding to go out on the weekend I needed something new, so I decided to buy the Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer "17 Caught On The Red Carpet". It's a dark red nail polish which covers up perfectly after the first coat. What I really like about this nail polish is the big brush, because it's super easy to paint your whole nail with just two strokes and I just find it is easier to control. The drying time is okay - not super fast, but I always rather wait too long than too short. I just watch a bit of YouTube and my patience span always extends to the max (#lifehack).
As you can tell by looking at the photos, the colour looks quite bright. I recognized though, that after waiting for like three or four hours after drying it became really dark. I was a bit confused about this, but I kinda liked this effect (does anyone the reason for this??) and it looked really nice with my black dress and a dark lip as well!
What is your favourite nail color? x


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  1. My red nail polishes are my favourites! So I completely hear you, hon :)
    This shade looks sooo pretty!
    xox Nadia


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