14 February 2016

Skin Talk: How To Get Clear And Glowy Skin

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 Having photoshopped looking skin seems to be one of the most hyped beauty ideals. But who doesn't want to be admired for glowy skin? You can prevent breakouts and those really annoying spots by following some rules. Here are my top tips, make your future self proud!

Get Naked

And by that I mean taking the make-up off before going to bed, silly! You probably heard about this before and it is one of the most important things for having nice skin. Make-Up tends to clog your pores that's why germs can spread more easily. Not only make-up but also the dirty air (because of traffic fumes) can cause blocked pores and as a result of this your skin breaks out.
Take time in the evening to take care for your skin by using a cleanser, a peeling once a week and a moisturizer.

Less Is More

I love make-up and trying out new products. But after years of using it, I feel like less really is more and this also applies for skin care. I don't believe in using six products at once with twenty different ingredients you can't even pronounce. I remove my make-up using the Garnier Micellar Water and a gentle cleanser. Once a week I go in with an exfoliator (I love the Huygens Exfoliating Cream!) to get rid of the dead skin cells and finish off with my Garnier Daily Light Moisturiser. And that's basically it. It's easy, fast and my skin seems to like the products.

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Clean Your Brushes

In order to stay away from germs which make our skin break out, we have to work with clean, hygienic products. I always clean mine on Fridays/Saturday morning so they are dry for the evening if I go out. There are so many ways of cleaning them. I usually use a cleansing spray and get rid of the leftover make-up (and other dirt) in the bristles by using a face tissue. 

Eat Your Veggies

You are what you eat. Eating clean and healthy food leads to beautiful skin, so swap the pizza for a yummy quinoa salad with avocado and nuts. Unfortunately you can tell when I had a bit too much of chocolate the other day by just looking at my face. I try to cut down on processed food because my skin breaks out really easily. I still love pizza, fries and chocolate - but in the end it's all about a good balance!

Drink Enough Water

The best way to achieve and maintain glowy skin is to drink loads of water. It helps our body to flush out toxins, to maintain our body temperature and is actually really good for our digestion. By drinking 2 - 3 liters a day you stay hydrated and hydrated body = hydrated skin = glow skin! If you don't like to drink plain water just use fruits and veggies to infuse it.

What's your tip for good looking skin? x


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