08 September 2016

Fall Home Decor Inspiration

1. armchair // 2. plaid // 3. table // 4. candle // 5. lamp 

Fall is by far my favorite season and I can't wait to finally wear my sweaters and cuddle up in my bed with hot chocolate and watch Netflix. In order to get attuned for the cold and rainy season, I strolled around some lovely interior online shops to find five staple products.

What could be better than lighting a candle and to relax in a super cosy armchair with a plaid and a good book? I think that a calm setting is perfect to enjoy cold Fall days; especially after a long walk outside.

Colorwise I am into white, grey and turquoise at the moment. From time to time, I need something new and since buying completely new furniture is a bit expensive, I like to bring a bit of color through plaids, pillowcases and some bits and bobs like candles into my flat.

What are your favorite pieces for the new season? x


  1. Beautiful pieces! I'm completely into copper in the moment. And I love candles so much and can't wait for fall when I can light them all up and watch the new episodes of Gilmore Girls :D

  2. Autumn rose cnadle?! Yes I need that in my life immediately. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Oh die Lampe. Die würde mir ja auch so sehr gefallen.
    Aber derzeit wird nix gekauft für die Wohnung. Weil wir gerade eine neue suchen. Dann darf ich mich ausleben ^^

    Alles liebe


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