26 December 2015

Let's Have A Fresh Start

NTL 2.0 - here we go! After a small break due to exams I am back with a new design and finally more time to focus on my blog. Since 2k16 is just around the corner I wanted to have a fresh start.
Being back home for Christmas gave me the opportunity to forget about the stress the last couple of months and to calm down. Nothing is better than spending time with your loved ones with one or two glasses of wine and watching "Home Alone" and "Love Actually". And now it is time to prepare for the New Year which is going to be amazing, I am sure! I already started my Bucket List and I can't wait to tick all the things off the list over the next 366 days.
One of those things is to finally get my own domain and I am so excited about it. This means, that you can reach me at NEXTTOLONDON.COM.
Besides I have a new Instagram page - just blog related. I'd love you to take a look and make the blue button green!


I hope you all had a merry christmas and you're doing well. See you really soon x

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