04 September 2016

How To Make Your Oatmeal Super Special

Oatmeal figs raisins

Oatmeal is probably my most eaten breakfast. It is so easy and quick to make in the mornings (even If I'm running late) and I can take it with me and enjoy it at work. My friend recently asked me if I'm not getting tired of eating oatmeal almost every single day. And you know what? – No, I'm not! The best think about oats are the flexibility of serving them in so many different ways.
In today's post I want to show you my favorite ways of eating oatmeal and how you can change the game. Every. Single. Day.


I usually prepare my oats with plant-based milk. Nowadays, supermarkets sell an incredible variety of different kinds of milk which is perfect to vary the flavor of your oatmeal. I often use oat milk, just because I like the smooth taste. But as already mentioned: there is such a great variety – go and get creative with for example

  • soy milk (vanilla/chocolate flavor),
  • hazelnut milk, 
  • almond/cashew/macadamia milk or
  • coconut milk.
When preparing, I use the double portion of milk. 

overnight oats blueberry


Microwave, oven or stove? If you want to prepare your oatmeal super quick, then the microwave is probably the best option for you. I prefer cooking my oatmeal rather on low to medium heat on the stove, stirring it quite regularly. This is the perfect way of getting a smooth and fluffy consistency. 
It is also possible to create baked oatmeal with a firm consistency. Just add the milk to your oats and pour everything in a baking dish. You can already top up the mixture with some fruits, nuts or whatever else you fancy. Put it in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes on 175°.

oatmeal cashews raspberries


Next stop to create a whole new breakfast-experience (it certainly is!): toppings. Now that you have your base, it is time to get creative. My favorite toppings are

  • berries, 
  • nuts,
  • chia seeds (for extra protein),
  • (dried) fruits and
  • chocolate drops.

I like to change up my breakfast and to combine different tastes. My favorite is definitely the combination of oat milk, raspberries and cashews – it's so good!

What is your favorite oatmeal recipe? x



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